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What if I don’t have a skimboard to bring to camp?


You want to try skimboarding, but you’re not quite ready to dish out a few hundred bucks to have a board of your own? We get it! No one wants to put up that amount of money as a beginner skimboarder, and that’s why we are here.

When you register for the OBX Skim Camps, we will gladly provide you with a board for the three days of the camp, free of charge.




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What are the campers required to bring with them?


The campers really aren’t required to bring much with them. We encourage participants who have a board of their own to bring it, because it allows us to work directly with them and the board that they will be riding once leaving the camp.

With that being said, we absolutely can provide a board for anyone who doesn’t have one. The only things necessary for the camper to bring are board shorts (swimming trunks), a towel, and the waiver form if it wasn’t completed online.




What if the weather prevents camp from operating?


The Outer Banks is known for spontaneous thunderstorms during the summer months. OBX Skim Camps will not operate under unsafe conditions, and there has been a preset makeup day for the Friday of the week of camp if the weather conditions force a cancellation. If we are unable to provide the campers with the full six hours of camp, reimbursement for the missed hours will be distributed. However, OBX Skim Camps cannot provide refunds due to illness or failure to show up for camp.




What is the price of the camps, and how do we pay? 


The total cost for the three day camp is $150 per participant. This includes water, sunscreen, and board (if necessary).

We accept payment online with all major credit cards via PayPal. Questions or concerns regarding payment? Feel free to give us a call!  

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