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The camps will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week. All participants must arrive at the campsite by 9:45 AM on that Tuesday, so as to be fitted for boards and to complete registration and waiver form. The camps will begin at 10:00 AM sharp and end at 12:00 noon each day. If there is a cancellation due to foul weather, makeup days will be held on that Friday.


Parents are encouraged to be actively engaged during the camp, but we do ask that you respect the boundaries of the instructor/student interaction and allow our experienced instructors to do what they do best!


Campers are required to bring minimal materials to the camp: board shorts (swimming trunks) and a towel are the only things absolutely necessary to be a camper. While we will be providing water and sunscreen for the campers, we suggest that you also provide a snack and any additional amenities that you may want while at the camp. Remember, it does last the entire two hours!


Two hours in the sun will wear anyone of any age down! The camp is designed to provide breaks throughout the day. While we will have a designated break to rehydrate and snack, there will also be activities outside of skimboarding available to all participants to take advantage of at their discretion.


What’s the final step? If you didn’t complete the online version of the registration & waiver form, please print out and sign a copy to bring with you on the first day of camp!


The price of the camp is $150. We accept all major credit cards. Payment is due at time of registration.

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