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Perry Pruitt
3rd Ranked Professional Skimboarder in the World for 2017
Hometown: Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
Sponsors: Exile Skimboards; Let’s Party Traction; Mostic Clothing
Favorite Board: Exile MS Hybrid
Influences: Woody Harris, Watkins Holt, Matt Preston, James Joyce, and all the current pro’s on the tour.
Favorite Skim Spot: Kitty Hawk Pier
Places Traveled: Mexico, Portugal, Brazil, East and West Coast of the United States

Watkins Holt

Hometown: Nags Head, North Carolina

Sponsors: Skim City, Slotstik Skimboards, Everglide Speedwax

Favorite Board: ML Slotstik Provac S-glass

Influences: Skim City Greg, Jon Bunn, Keith Fanning, Todd Wroten, Cliff Cartwright, Brice Roughton, Pete Rash, Billy Clark

Favorite Skim Spot: 1st Street, Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

Places Traveled: California, Mexico, and all over the east coast of the United States






















Matt Preston

Hometown: Nags Head, North Carolina

Favorite Board: Anything big enough to ride

Influences: Todd Wroten, Keith Fanning, Chris Scarborough, Cliff Cartwright, Orry Gray

Favorite Skim Spot: Atlantic Street; Nags Head Pier; Souvenir City

Places Traveled: Thailand, Indonesia, California, Mexico, up and down the east coast of the United States

John Joyce

Hometown: Colington, North Carolina

Favorite Board: Exile Pro

Influences: Matt Preston, Watkins Holt, Corey Schaible, James Joyce, Woody Harris, Cheyne Terjesen, the Wells Brothers

Favorite Skim Spot: Colington Beach Access

Places Traveled: California, Dominican Republic, Mexico, east coast of United States

Photo: Corrine Conklin 

Photo: Fabiana Badie

Woody Harris
Hometown: Colington, North Carolina
Sponsors: Exile Skimboards
Favorite Board: Exile Hybrid
Influences: Steve Harris, Mike "the wolf-man" Koerperich, Matt "De Souza" Ashworth, Cheyne Terjesen, and the Livermans. 

Favorite Skim Spot: Avalon Pier; Trailer Parks; Bonnett Street
Places Traveled: Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, California, east coast of the United States

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